5 thoughts on “About The Authors”

  1. Sorry about the mis-timing of that particular blog. Once the American section is finished the Balfour Declaration will be explored in considerable depth. Hope you enjoy. Best wishes.

  2. neocohn said:

    I read an articule here on the Balfour Declaration which I do not find now.
    You may have a look to The Controversy of Zion by Douglas Reed. It has lots of info on those times:
    As regards the Russian pogroms, it is now demonstrated that they were much exaggerated rumours if I may use an understatement.

  3. DOUGLAS AERIE said:

    Dear MM Macgregor and Docherty –

    I would like to be certain that the citation for
    “How Asquith helped the Armaments Ring”
    by J T Walton Newbold
    SHOULD be
    How Asquith helped the Armour ring.

    I first saw the “Armaments” cite in HH;
    and it has been repeated in all (I think) of your blog postings.

    If I am correct in my surmise, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Douglas Aerie

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