Unmasking The Myths And Lies

The history of the First World War is a deliberately concocted lie.  Not the sacrifice, the heroism, the horrendous waste of life or the misery that followed. No, these were very real, but the truth behind how it all began and was unnecessarily prolonged beyond 1915 has been successfully covered up for a century.  Throughout the centenary years we will vigorously challenge the received history of the war, including the plethora of newspaper articles and television programmes cobbled together and repackaged by the establishment media to complement that history.  We will unmask every lie and present hard factual evidence that clearly demonstrates how a secret cabal of elites in Britain were responsible for the tragedy as it unfolded.

30 thoughts on “Unmasking The Myths And Lies”

  1. Hi Peter, and thanks for your positive comments. The most clued-in Irish historian on all matters of the First World War, including Easter Rising, is Pat Walsh. His work is published by ATHOL BOOKS at 33 Athol Street, Belfast, BT12 4GX.

    If you make contact with them, i’m sure that they will pass your enquiry to Pat. Best wishes, Gerry and Jim.

  2. Thanks Bo. Not in position to give advice about book translation. Speak to your German publisher, Cheers, Gerry

  3. James, I will certainly respond to your kind offer, but wonder if a later date when we know that book 2 is available would be better. Between writing, researching and lectures, time is really pressing … I am interested. Jim is very deaf and struggles with electronic sound so it is likely that he will prefer me to do this. Let me know please, Gerry

  4. If Germany had avoided WW1 and continued with its colonial and industrial expansion it would have meant splitting the OIL and other resources. It was about OIL then, it’s about OIL now.
    I enjoy the articles on your site, and will have another go at trying to buy the book, which will hopefully be two books soon. My granddad went off to the war as a 15 year old. His father, who was an Irish American living in Middlesbrough (according to family tales) led a troop of “Yorkshire Irishmen” to Dublin for Easter 1916. They are two men I’d love to talk to, but time only goes in one direction. It’s very difficult to find info about Ireland. Lloyd George briefly mentions a large group of people going missing from the north of England in his memoir, but doesn’t specify dates or anything else.

  5. Thanks for your comment. Yes, I think this all leads to a completely different view to WW1. Do you think might be interesting to translate my book concerning this catastrophe into English. I will post a photo of the bell,check this post again

  6. Gerry and Jim, thank you so much for writing an invaluable work that is long overdue. I would like to interview one or both of you on my podcast which is called “the Cosmic Switchboard Show.” It is a two hour pre-recorded interview via Skype with a short break between the first and second hour. You can reach me via email at thecosmicswitchboard@yahoo.com or my twitter account which is CosmicSwitch29

    Our listeners would greatly benefit from your expertise. You can come up with a list of questions for me and I will come up with a few of my own. We will publicize your book and your future book(s) on our website. We have accounts with Reddit, Tumblr, Twitter, Linked in, VK in Russia and numerous other social media accounts as well as a Facebook page and membership in numerous Facebook groups etc so we will give the interview maximum dissemination. I hope to hear from you soon. Best Wishes, and thanks again for your great work.

  7. This is a good point, Bo. Will make mental note for Book 2 use .. and credit you. Thanks.

  8. Very Interesting stuff, Bo. Wow! You have the Bell of the Goeben. Wonderful. No owner you have such a declared interest. Thanks for that.

  9. continuation, sorry ……..

    Admiral Jellicoe, “The Grand Fleet”, page 108:

    “August 26th: The Agincourt, a new battleship which was bought from Turkey when still in an unfinished state, was met off Noss Head and entered with the Fleet”

    Page 129:

    ” The Battle Fleet left Loch Ewe on the evening of September 17th, the Erin, a new battleship bought, incomplete, from Turkey, being in the company for the first time in order to accustom her officers to working the ship with the fleet.”

    Christopher Clarke, The sleepwalkers, Page 485:
    “But most important by along margin was the prospect of a Turkish dreadnought presence in the Black Sea, where the Russians possessed no battleships of this class. The arrival of the new Turkish dreadnoughts, the Russian naval minister warned in January 1914, would create a naval power with “crushing, nearly sixfold superiority” over the Russian Black Sea Fleet” …………….
    ……”At the end of July 1914, Sazonov was still entreating the British to retain the dreadnoughts destined for Constantinople”

    My conclusions:
    Always before a ship is put into service, no matter merchant or war ship, a so-called sea trail is performed. Such a trail takes days to perform. Tested is the vessel’s speed, maneuverability, equipment and safety features. These trails are usually performed from a special crew of the building shipyard, controlled and supervised by the future owner. In case of a war ship these trails are extended and including gunnery tests, communication readiness, in a word every action which is needed to handle successful a ship in action.

    In case of the two confiscated Turkish dreadnoughts several facts substantiate a reasonable doubt that this action of the British Government, aka of its 1st Sealord, Winston Churchill was a spontaneous decision taken on the 28th of July, the day Austria declared war on Serbia. The reason for this doubt is their time span from the date of confiscating the ships and commissioning. For the HMS “Agincourt” this time was 29 days and for HMS “Erin” it took 51 days.

    Commissioning a war ship is a complicated and time-consuming exercise. First, you need from Captain to Cook 1500 sailors for each of the two ships. The most part of this personnel must be experienced. The experienced personnel must have been trained on dreadnoughts. Does that mean that the British Navy had a reserve of 10% of dreadnought sailors? (August 1914 20 dreadnoughts have been commissioned). That appears hardly possible. But even this two crews have been in the reserve, another fact makes the short drill period from confiscating to commissioning suspicious.

    When a warship is handed over to the navy exists a high possibility that all ship’s functions in perfect condition. Now the Captain starts numerous drills with his crew to assure the full functionality and smooth cooperating of all its parts to a functioning unit, that can handle any peculiarity of a naval battle. This is a time consuming, uninterrupted day and night exercise and takes longer as the above mentioned periods. That leads to the only possible conclusion: The sea trail crew in the shipyard was already British Naval personnel. A refresher training of the Standing Naval Force in the 80-ties last century took 3 weeks’ time. Drills like Damage control, abandon ship, Collision, Fire, Rescue and Assistance, Man overboard and, much more other drills were are checked. All these drills were performed by experienced crews with the aim to certificate the “war readiness” of the unit. This exercise took more time in the North Atlantic than the time in which the Agincourt was manned and commissioned.
    Again, therefore these two ex-Turkish dreadnoughts have been manned since several months with crews of the Royal Navy.

    I hope that these small, but according to my opinion, revealing facts are substantiate your case.
    Kind regards

  10. Always the English!
    I am an envy of your success and must admit that my poor efforts’ to write a book about this tragedy in 1914 is in no way comparable to your well-written account.
    But let me make a view observations.
    Till these days one of the most impressive books written on this subject was done by Emil Ludwig in 1929. I have a suspicion that it was possibly the “rough cut” for the book, which in Germany was so gratefully received. Emil Ludwigs’ book is in a manipulated form available for download through this Link
    It has a foreword, which is not original and comes more or less to your conclusions. Interesting is, that this unknown gentleman divides every character in either a Mason or a member of the club of the 300. Nonsense, I thought and think.

    But let me come to my conclusions. I agree whole hearted that the outbreak of the war was English masterminded, taking advantage of the rigid German “Junker” mentality, unable to assume a smooth and adaptable position, as the English always did and do.
    But this assumptions’ are never really confirmed by hard, provable facts. In my plot, I think I have one!

    65 years ago, my grandfather gave me the Bell of the chart room of SMS “Goeben”. This made me a sailor and a hobby historian. The second incident, which finally guided me to my conclusions was Barbara Tuchman’s book “The Guns of August”.

    My cause is two ships: the HMS ” Agincourt” and the HMS “Egin”!

    Barbara Tuchman’s “The Guns of August”. Citation from page 140:

    “One, the Sultan Osman, had been completed in May and a first installment already paid*, but when the Turks wished to bring her home, the British, supplying sinister hints about a Greek plot to attack her by submarine, and persuaded them to leave her in Britain until her sister ship, the Reshadieh, was completed and the two could return together. When the Reshadieh was ready early July, further excuses for departure were offered. Speed and gunnery trails were unaccountably delayed. On learning on Churchill’s order, the Turkish captain, who was waiting with 500 Turkish sailors abroad a transport in the Tyne, threatened to board his ships and hoist the Turkish flag. Not without relish the voice at the Admiralty gave orders to resist such an attempt “by armed force if necessary”,

    Page 140:
    “England took no pains to assuage it. Grey, when officially informing the Turks of this simple piece of piracy on the Tyne, felt sure that Turkey would understand why England found it necessary to take the ships for her “own need in this crisis”

  11. Jonathan
    While Jim & Gerry’s excellent work already convincingly proves the case, the russian author Nikolai Starikov provides further evidence for Germany NOT knowing there would be a war apart from the local conflict with Serbia. He describes the preamble of the outbreak, when eyewitnesses in Russia where payed with 3-rouble bills to strike and wreck trams. At the right moment for the german ambassador to be assured that Russia would not go to war. As Jim & Gerry’s book shows the british and french diplomats right then convinced Russia to mobilize secretely. As the war broke out the internal Russian brawl suddenly ceased, indicating Germany wasnt behind it, since internal havoc in Russia would have been in their interest, had they desired the war.

  12. Dear Michael,
    Many thanks for your appreciative email. Over the years Jim has read some of Steiner’s work and is acquainted with the Karma of Untruthfulness. He is happy to discuss our work with you and can be contacted at jim.macgregor@tiscoli.co.uk Book 2 will hopefully be ready in 2016.

    Kind Regards,

    Jim Macgregor and Gerry Docherty

  13. Dear Dee,

    many thanks for your email of 11/11. One of Jim’s daughters subscribes to your excellent website and we were delighted to see the article. We would love to have a copy of your book. My address is 19 Shillinghill, Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, FK13 6BB, UK. It would be great if you or Mary had the time and inclination to write a review of hidden history on amazon.
    kind regards,
    Gerry Docherty and Jim Macgregor

  14. Dear Jim and Gerry,

    I am delighted with your book and thrilled that you know and like Terry Boardman whose work is inspired by Rudolf Steiner.Have you come across the Karma of Untruthfulness – lectures given by Steiner in Switzerland in1916.? It is great that what he said then is corroborated in what you are saying now. His thesis is the same as yours i.e secret elite group prepares ww1 decades earlier, influences key politicians etc throughout the world in order to find a way of destroying middle Europe – specifically Germany and Austria and then systematically and with cold-blooded detachment carries out their plan.

    I am part of a good sized study group (15 +) working with these lectures weekly, and it is so inspiring to see how much interest in this subject there is. It is great that your book is out there and complements the lectures of Steiner. We refer to your book often….

    I wonder if we could talk further about the processes that the Secret Elite used to influence their targets? Steiner has lectured extensively on the spiritual processes employed by secret brotherhoods. Do you have any views on this?

    With very best wishes and hoping Volume 2 comes out soon?

    Michael Fuller

  15. Dear Jim and Gerry, I am thrilled that you are acquainted with Terry Boardman and his research. I am a menber of a group studying the Karma of Untruthfulness by Rudolf Steiner, one of the books which Terry Boardman uses as source materials for his work. Are you aware of this book?

    I am struck by how much you say in your excellent book is also in Steiner’s ( lectures given in 1916 in Switzerland). In fact his thesis is the same as yours – secret elite based in England carefully preparing over decades a way of destroying Germany. I feel quite inspired that despite a gap of almost 100 years two books now
    exist that somehow bookend the false history between them. I can’ t help thinking that perhaps with the centenary anniversary there is renewed interest in WW 1 , and in particular a renewed desire to really seek the truth. I would love to talk further on this theme with you, if you have time?

    With best wishes

    Michael Fuller

  16. Dear Authors, I run a website here in Melbourne Australia — GumshoeNews.com

    We have often mentioned your work on our site. Today being Remembrance Day, my colleague Mary W Maxwell wrote a piece that quotes at length from “Hidden History.”

    Please see http://gumshoenews.com/2015/11/10/armistice-day-1918-day-of-remembrance/

    (I have also cited your analysis of Alfred Milner in South Africa (my home country) in connection with the later attempted assassination of Hendrik Verwoerd. You will find this at page 80-85 of my book “Truth and Journalism,” co-authored by Mary Maxwell. Where can I send you a copy?
    Best geetings, Dee McLachlan email: daliamaelachlan@gmail.com

  17. Thank you Samuel,
    hopefully book two in the series will be out early 2016. Good to hear that you found the Irish chapter interesting. It has attracted considerable interest in the Republic. We will be speaking at a meeting in Dublin in early September.

    All the best,
    Jim & Gerry

  18. Thanks Kevin. New Dawn magazine (Australia) will shortly be publishing an article of ours in a special edition on secret societies. It will also be released in e form. In total agreement re Terry Boardman. We correspond fairly regularly with him, and he is a most helpful fella. Like you, we would encourage all our visitors to read his work at http://threeman.org/

    Best regards,
    Jim and Gerry

  19. Dear Gerry and James,
    I commend your scholarship, and dogged dilligence in exposing this shocking plot which has had such a shattering effect on humanity, and which seems to have layed out the blueprint for every military intervention since. I suspect the American Civil war was also contrived for profit and supremacy by a similar elite.
    I have just finished reading it, and I am extremely eager to read the next book which you alluded to in the final chapters.
    As an Irishman, I was particularly stunned by the revelations about Carson and even more so Redmond and Childers. I firmly believe that your brave and honest work should be adopted by the state school curriculum, and I plan to campaign for this revision.
    It’s high time that Chuchill’s role in starting both world wars was brought to public attention, especially now, at the most dangerous time for world peace since the 2nd World War ended. I refer of course to US posturing in Eastern Europe, its backing of the Ukrainian coup and NATO’s encroachment of Russia.
    The subtle comparison about another prime monister using the myth of weapons of mass destruction to lie to parliment as did Grey was a sobering reminder of how history repeats itself, and how badly informed the general public are. It’s imperative that you continue your research, wherever it may take you, and I hope you keep safe.
    Thank you very much for this monumental work of truth.

  20. Many thanks for your reply, which follows the same line of reasoning that makes sense to me. One of the exciting things to see about your research was how you have integrated the dimension of the “occult brotherhoods,” or so-called secret societies, without falling prey to gonzo speculation about the “Illuminati,” etc. Are you familiar with Terry Boardman’s work? Terry is a superb historian, with a thorough grasp of British and global occult politics. You can see his work at threeman.org.

    Best wishes,

  21. Dear Kevin, thanks for getting in touch with us. The elusive Mr House had been in Europe for a good few weeks before the sinking of the Lusitania, and had returned to London from Germany some days before. It is difficult to believe that the illicit goings on at the New York Customs agency run by Mr Malone were unknown to him. We cannot prove it but House had his finger in every illicit pie. Given that he knew that munitions were regularly carried by trans-atlantic steamers, his discussions that day with Sir Edward Grey and King George V are completely suspect. Surely he would have been shocked to the core had he NOT known about the regular shipments. In regard to his collusion with bankers and financiers, he may well have been party to Rockefeller / Remington and JP Morgan / Bethlehem Steel. We now know that Roosevelt as under-secretary to the Navy had a copy of the true manifest in his archives, so surely House knew all about it too? This was such a major part of the desperate British drive to get as many armaments in the country, that we believe he was party to the whole connivance. Proving it? That is difficult. Best wishes.

  22. Dear Mr. Docherty & Mr. MacGregor,

    I’ve just come upon your site, and am still making my way through its extraordinary revelations, so I should refrain from speculation, but do you have any sense of the possibility that EM House may have colluded with Percy Rockefeller/Remington Arms vis à vis the munitions shipments on the Lusitania?

    Thanks very much.

    Kevin Dann
    Brooklyn NY

  23. Thank you for your informed comment. The First World War began in 1914.

  24. But this is wrong. Find me an historian of any academic calibre who could, amongst his peers, refute that Germany did indeed bring about war in 1915 by using the excuse of the murder of Archduke Ferdinand of Austria-Hungary to push for a retributive war against Serbia – no matter the consequences and likelihood that this would lead to ‘total war’ between Europe’s greatest nations.

  25. I am more than enthusiastic if that is possible at all! I bought the book of the two brave men and say thank you to them in the name of God and Germany and pray that they were not persecuted ore blackmaled like other truthers before, for example
    the Canadian author James Baque in the eighties when he wrote his book about
    other lies and hidden historial facts against Germany in other issues.

  26. I have just finished that book. It is excellent. Truth wants out everywhere and debunking the great myths of the 20th century is central to this. My grandfather was in the trenches of Verdun as the youngest German Lieutenant and and always told me it was not true that Germany started WWI. I only started recently to give his position some more credence, now that he is unfortunately not with us any more. I would love to have a long, long chat with him now, that all this stuff is out in the open. The book is spot on and I can’t wait to see these 2 brace authors plow through more uncharted and muddy waters…
    Rest in Peace, Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Hans Wilhelm Ritschl my dear Grandpa!

  27. it is a great release of truth, taking the weight from Germany. Also WW 2 with Germany has the same reasons – to bring down a peacefull Nation to evict them, to kill them and to hold them in bondage. A handfull of corrupt persons sacrificed millions and millions of men, sons and fathers, to grant an empire ist 1st place on earth. Time is near to bring it to the public and to reestablish an Independent Europe with nations that accxept each others existence and culture – so from Algarve to Camtchatka a continet can grow together

  28. As someone who has spent the last 15 years debunking certain myths, I congratulate the authors of this website on their efforts.

  29. thank you for your dedication, effort, time and courage

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