Although we have stopped our World War 1 blogs for the time-being, Jim and I frequently liaise with other researchers, to which end Jim will be visiting Canada shortly. I have been giving a number of talks since these blogs began, having been invited to speak at the Edinburgh International Book Festival, at conferences in Brussels and Dublin, for several groups in London and on a World War 1 battlefields trip through France and Belgium.

I have been invited to speak at an exciting conference in December, details of which can be found below. The conference is entitled Questioning History and I have been asked to talk on two subjects, namely The Coup of 1916 (which bears remarkable similarities to what is happening to us today) and The True history of a great British Patriot, Edith Cavell.

The whole project which is led by Professor Gloria Moss from the University of Hertford looks really varied and interesting.

She has produced a short promotional video for the weekend of 14/15 December – see  It would be great to see and meet others who share our interest in why history is regularly hidden. The event comprises:

Thanks again for all of your support over the years.

Gerry Docherty