Gerry Docherty

Gerry Docherty - co-author of Hidden HistoryGerry was born in 1948.  He graduated from Edinburgh University in 1971 and was a secondary school teacher by profession.  He taught economics and modern studies, developed a keen interest in the theatre and has written a number of plays with a historical theme including Czechmate in 1982, Montrose in 1993, and Lie of the Land in 2008.  The last of these plays was the powerful story of two cousins from his home town of Tillicoultry who were both awarded the Victoria Cross at the Battle of Loos in 1915.  Energised by the research he had undertaken to write this play, he was intrigued by Jim Macgregor’s work on the First World War, and their mutual interest developed into a passion to discover the truth amongst the lies and deceptions that the official records contained.

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  1. Despite my blogs, I am not on Facebook or twitter. Bill is not keeping so good at the moment. His legs are giving him problems. I have so many commitments with the blogs, publishers, am writing a crime novel based on WW1 !!! but keep that to yourself. Cheers, Gerry.

  2. Hidden History arrived. Will read it on my commute between Glasgow & Edinburgh 🙂 What about an online group? Are you on any social media, eg Facebook? We could get a virtual reunion going…

  3. No, Adrian. You would be utterly gobsmacked at where everyone has gone on a global scale, but it is enough that the memories we all cherish hold pride in our hearts.Believe it or not Czechmate was performed in Hong Kong last year!! Keep well and be safe,



  4. Any plans for a 40th anniversary get together? 🙂 See

  5. Hey, Really nice to read this. I remember you well, Adrian, and the whole team from that amazing experience. Look for the small plaque / statue to Jan Palace in Wencenlas Square.Ejoy and thanks for the memory,

    Gerry Docherty.

  6. Very happy to stumble on this page – was looking for Czechmate links as I’m heading over to Prague for the first in May for a wee visit 🙂 Will order the books – they look like a great read – Cheers, Adrian – Alva ’79-’84

  7. Josh, why is it Jewish control? I maintain this has NOTHING to do with religion. This is about a bad monetary system that enables an unelected elite to wield immense power. The religion stuff is merely circumstantial.

    Jim and Gerry, you should be pointing this stuff out, too.

  8. Many thanks, Josh.

  9. Yes you wrote a very important book which shed much light on what I always suspected. Rothschild was the Power behind the Curtain which is still the case today. You revealed Nathan Rothschild closeted with Balfour in the Foreign Office. I suggest also people read about the Origins of Multi Cultural Britain.
    and also
    The book “Spycatcher” by Peter Wright was published in Tasmania in 1987 and Thatcher unsuccessfully tried to ban it. The reason for that was the presence of Victor Rothschild walking in and out of MI5 as if he owned the place (which he did!) and then going down to Checkers for the week end where he was closeted with Heath.
    Democracy is a cover for Jewish control and people need to start waking up by starting to realize that they have been deceived all their lives. People need to throw away their TVs and newspapers and do a 180 degree turn on just about everything they believed all their lives. In my experience very few are willing to do it.

  10. Yes, I have as well.!!!

  11. thanks for the book, I’m ordering my copy. Pity about hte750,000 British casualties. Our local Pals regiment is famous for being nearly wiped out at the Somme.

  12. Absolutely. Thanks for that, Gerry and Jim.

  13. Dear Jim and Jerry,

    your views and book are correct.

    The secret elite called itself the Round Table

    Their objective was to restore Britain as World Hegemon

    The US was to be brought back into the British Empire

    A single open world trading system would be supervised by Britain as World Hegemon.

    Its representatives in the Liberal Party in 1906 were the three Liberal Imperialists, Grey, Asquith and Haldane

    Now does the origin of WW1 make sense.

  14. Sorry I meant to write Dean Henderson “Big Oil and their bankers in the Persian Gulf”. Most are in youtube and many pdf’s are available on the web.

  15. Dear Jim and Gerry. Thanks for share your hidden truths with the world. I recommend the following authors who too have exposed the lies beneath the veil of our elite virtual reality. Antony Sutton, Eustace Mullins and Dean Anderson regarding wars and the military industrial complex. Stanley Monteith regarding secret societies. Christopher Bollyn (911). Most shocking of all, Edward Hendrie’s book “The Greatest Lie on Earth Proof Our World Is Not a Moving Globe”. Perhaps satan is behind all this after all. Regards, John

  16. Many thanks, Douglas from Gerry Docherty

  17. Thank you. I look forward to seeing the next book. “The Secret Origins” was a revelation.

  18. Yes, Douglas. In fact we will bring the blogs to a temporary halt in a couple of weeks because we have to complete the next book within a tight deadline. Thanks for asking. I will explain more ini a couple of week’s time. Cheers, Gerry and Jim.

  19. Is a sequel in the works? You mention one in the closing of “The Secret Origins”.

  20. Well spotted, Douglas. Goes to show how an idea, or in this instance a title, can become wrongly fixed in your mind. Since I have the pamphlet to hand, I pulled it from the shelf and … you are absolutely correct. In mitigation, Snowden refers to ‘the international Armaments Ring’ in his Foreword to the 16 page booklet. This cannot be corrected retrospectively in the Hidden History, but we will bear the correction in mind for future reference. Newbold’s pamphlet was published by the National Labour Press for the princely sum of one penny. It is jam-packed with fact and I believe that we bought this from Alibris on the net. Anyway, thanks for taking the trouble to contact us, Best wishes, Gerry Docherty.

  21. DOUGLAS AERIE said:

    Dear MM Macgregor and Docherty –

    I would like to be certain that the citation for
    “How Asquith helped the Armaments Ring”
    by J T Walton Newbold
    SHOULD be
    How Asquith helped the Armour ring.

    I first saw the “Armaments” cite in HH;
    and it has been repeated in all (I think) of your blog postings.

    If I am correct in my surmise, please let me know.

    Thank you,

    Douglas Aerie

  22. Thanks Nick, I’m sure that this could be arranged. Will contact you personally on email, Gerry.

  23. Dear Gerry, Would your like to talk to our London group ‘911Keeptalking’? We could maybe make a video out of it. Our group meets monthly.
    (note my earlier comment above) Best wishes, Nick K.

  24. Thans for using the word madness.

  25. Hello,
    as some of you asked for more information I am bold enough to dare to recomment some books to you, though I am affrait that most of them might not be available anymore. Eustache Mullins wrote a study about the establishing of the Fed in 1954 for Common Sense in New Jersey. Colin Simpson wrote in 1972 a book on the Lusitania wich initiated my doubts about the official view. Only in German is a book called Die Spur führt nach Belgrad (The trap leads to Belgrad) by Austrian author Friedrich Würtle. For those who want to read some different views on the second world war Britains Blunders from 1953 by Peter H. Nicoll might be of interest. And I perhaps would like to recomment, not concerning the secret elite though, Viktor Suvorov alias Vladimir Resuhns Ledokol. Finally I dare to say that this all is not only of historical interest because the Fed is in power since 1911 and is until now. So let’s look forward to some more wars.
    Sincerely yours Frank

  26. Thank you for your support Bharani. Will certainly let you know if we are ever in Boston.

    Kind regards,

    Jim and Gerry

  27. Dear Gerry and Jim,
    I write to thank you for writing your book and hope it becomes teaching material in secondary schools across the world just as Greg Wallance’s “America’s Soul in the Balance’ which is a book I hope you will also recommend to your loyal readers. Looking forward to your forthcoming books.
    Please contact me if you visit Boston.
    Best wishes,
    Bharani Padmanabhan MD PhD
    Brookline MA USA

  28. Thanks for your kind words Evo. It is revealing that Alfred Milner has been almost airbrushed from history.

    best regards, jim

  29. Dear Gerry & Jim,

    Thank you so much for your wonderful book – which I did not know of until I read the ‘New Dawn’ article. Previous to that, living in Australia, I had no knowledge that such a book existed – demonstrating the severe censorship of silence operating against you by our present elites. (I had been arguing with a number of people on a restricted website about the issue for years but could only find snippets of evidence – yet even then, converting the assassination of Franz Ferdinand into the claim that the Kaiser wanted to control Europe is patent nonsense!)

    Your information on Cecil Rhodes certainly fits the outline given of him at my senior high school classes in the early 1970s – but what we didn’t learn there is of Alfred Milner, Edward Grey and the complicity of Delcasse, Sazonov, Belgium etc.

    I am so looking forward to your next instalment!


  30. Thank you Rosa, glad you are finding the book interesting. When we finish writing up WW1 we will be moving on the WW11 and the role of the Secret Elite, but that will be some time away. There are no plans for an Italian translation, but I would be delighted if we could get an Italian publisher interested so if you know one please let us know. If you have any questions about the contents of the book let me know.
    best wishes and sweet dreams,

  31. rosy1957 said:

    I really, really want to commend you for your efforts and your book. Yesterday I made 2 am reading it, and then forcing myself to close it and go to sleep.
    As for WWII, I’d like to read something from you.
    Ans as for the book: any Italian translation in the next future?
    Rosa, Milan

  32. of course you are correct, Rosa. Well spotted.

  33. Absolutely Rosa, although you will never find it in mainstream histories. ‘Conjuring Hitler, How Britain and America made the Third Reich’ is an important book by a fellow Italian of yours, Guido Preparata. Another book I recommend is ‘Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler’ by Prof Antony C Sutton.

    best wishes,


  34. Niall, good of you to get in touch. Gerry is the man for radio inteviews, but is on holiday in Spain for the next ten days. He will get back to you on his return and will be happy to do an interview.

    All the best for now,


  35. Ehm, a litile errore in the book. The battle of Kosovo Polye in XVI Century was NOT won by the Serbs, but by the Turks. However it is the founding event for the Serbs.

  36. Would it be possibile to have anything like that for WWIi ?
    Rosa, Italy

  37. niallbradley11 said:

    Jim and Jerry, would either or both of ye like to come on a weekly radio show I co-host? Check out our sites: No problem if ye are busy on the next book. Looking forward to it!

  38. Your book demonstrates the dangerous way the world works today. “Secret Societies” of powerful men are able to control all. WWI, created by the “Secret Society”, formed the problems that brought on WWII and the later, ensuing crises of The Cold War, and the current catastrophes in the Middle East. We are still reeling from the aftershocks of this Society, and yet other “Secret Societies” are being formed to create further madness..

  39. Dear Mr Docherty, dear Mr Macgregor! Let me thank you very much for your outstanding book about WW1’s genesis…… We are going to see the other side of the moon….. Thanks in the name of all good willing mankind!

  40. Dear Jim & Gerry – We very much like your book here at New Dawn magazine (Australia). Would it be possible to send me an email to in regard to publishing an appropriate extract from your book in our magazine? I look forward to hearing from you.
    Kind regards
    David Jones
    New Dawn Magazine

  41. Hello.
    Welcome to read my websites.
    German, Russian and British Intelligence and the greatest conspiracy theories in history of
    Scotland, Ireland, Estonia, Switzerland, Russia and Poland.

    The first on the world I show very interesting network! Lenin and Inessa Armand, Duflon, nobility from

    Scotland, Italy, Ireland, France, Switzerland, the German noble families in Estonia.

    Very interesting on Chodzko – Oginski – Breguet – Konstantynowicz – Schaub – Gilliard – Duflon – Armand.

    Bogdan Konstantynowicz, Regards.

  42. Thanki you Nicholas, we very much appreciate your support.

    Jim and Gerry

  43. Sir, well done there! Your book ‘Hidden History’ is the best account of WW1 since Harry Elmer Barnes’ The Genesis of the World War of 1926.

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