Jim Macgregor

Jim Macgregor - co-author of Hidden HistoryJim was born in Glasgow in 1947 and raised in a cottage in the grounds of Erskine Hospital for war disabled.  He witnessed there the aftermath of war on a daily basis and, profoundly affected by what he saw, developed a life-long interest in war and the origins of global conflict.  Leaving school at fifteen he worked in jobs as diverse as farm labourer, animal husbandry and medical research before graduating as a medical doctor in 1978.  Jim left medical practice in 2001 to devote his energies full-time to researching the political failures in averting war.  His numerous articles have been published on subjects such as miscarriages of justice, the Iraq War, global poverty, and the rise of fascism in the United States.  His powerful anti-war novel The Iboga Visions was published to critical acclaim in 2009.

14 thoughts on “Jim Macgregor”

  1. Mark, I will contact you at the email address above.

    Best wishes,

    Gerry Docherty

  2. Dear Jim and Gerry
    this is not only a good book it is a great book
    I would like to ask you some questions regarding the marketing of your book and public relations policy. More I would like to ask you about the idea of making a documentary about the subject
    However, I cannot find your email address
    Please write me Oesterdiekhoff@t-online.de
    Kind regards

  3. Sorry, Mark, the confusion was mine. The compilation book “Sie Wollten” etc is only published in German so far. Kopp Verlag is our German publisher, and very good they are too! Jim and I contributed to the book but no publisher in the UK has a taken it up so far.

  4. mark goris said:

    Dear Gerry,
    Thank you for your reply. There is some confussion for me..
    – Hidden History: The Secret origins…is translated into German as Verborge Geschichte by Kopp Verlag
    there is another book by Kopp
    Effenberg-Macgregor in German “Sie wollten den Krieg” according to Kopp the original english title is “Highway to Hell – Roads towards the first world war”. But I can’t find this book anywhere…
    Can you help me?

  5. Dear Mark, this message is from Gerry Docherty, co-author of the books and the blogs. Kopp Verlag are indeed the publishers of the German edition of the Secret Origins. I understood that this was available on Amazon. I am aware that the German edition has a recently gone into a second reprint. I would suggest that for Sie Wollten Den Krieg, you contact the publishers at info@kopp-verlag.de

    Best wishes,

    Gerry Docherty

  6. mark goris said:

    Dear Mr. MacGregor: The book by Effenberg-MacGregor german title: Sie wollten den Krieg” (english according to Kopp verlag: Highway to hell – Roads towards the first world war”. Where can I buy the english edition? I can’t find any information about it on the internet.
    mark goris

  7. Thankfully the LIBERAL ideas are being exposed and the NET is helping with this

  8. Hi, would either of you like to give a talk in London to our ‘911Keeptalking’ group? We’d hopefully get your talk filmed and up onto Youtube. We meet monthly.nkastro3@gmail.com (NB, see my http://inconvenienthistory.com/archive/2011/volume_3/number_4/on_the_avoidability_of_world_war_one.php Nick K.

  9. croyboy said:

    Serious fact-based fiction about the 9/11 cover-up: http://www.scribd.com/doc/142983438/FALSE-FLAG – Truth & Story vs. Denial. (Free download.)

    Dick Croy

  10. Hi Niall, apologies for the slow reply from this end, but I’ve been away in spain on holiday with my good lady. Sure I would be happy to talk to you on your radio programme. Jim suffers from serious deafness and his disability makes lecturing and discussion very problematic… so it falls to me to front the public speaking side of things. We have just completed our series of blogs on Galli[poli and will over the next fortnight focus on the lies about the sinking of the Lusitania. Would be pleased to discuss this further with you and take part in a dialogue.


    Gerry Docherty

  11. niallbradley11 said:

    Jim and Jerry, would either or both of ye like to come on a weekly radio show I co-host? Check out our sites: http://www.sott.net/ http://www.blogtalkradio.com/sottradionetwork No problem if ye are busy on the next book. Looking forward to it! niall@sott.net

  12. Hi folks,
    I work for the Library Service in Alloa. I was hoping I might persuade you to come visit and maybe do a talk to the good people in Clackmannanshire? Please let me know.



  13. Dear Mr. Macgregor and Mr. Docherty,
    I received a review copy of your book per your publisher in the U.S. and have found it extraordinary and a pleasure to read. As I was reading it, all the nonsense about the Allies fighting for democracy against the Germans went up in smoke. After reading Sir Max Hastings article on why Great Britain went to war in History Illustrated, your book makes his article look like the work of a U.S. student in junior high school. I’m currently reading a book entitled TO END ALL WARS by Professor Adam Hochschild and need to ask a question. On Pages 160-162, he states that prior to the Battle of Loos, the British were running short of binoculars and turned to the world’s leading manufacturer of precision optics: Germany. An agent from the British Ministry of Munitions was dispatched to neutral Switzerland to make a deal with the Germans. The German War Office stated that they were ready to deliver, within six weeks after the signing of the contract, 10,000 to 12,000 immediately and 5,000 a month thereafter. They would also be happy to supply 5,000 to 10,000 telescopic sights per month and to provide as many as rangefinders as the British government needed. In order to obtain samples of the instruments, it was further suggested that the British forces might inspect the equipment of captured German officers and artillery. For this the Germans would receive rubber and it was agreed that it would be delivered to Germany at the Swiss border. In August, 1915, in the first month of this Top Secret devil’s bargain, the Germans delivered to the British even more than first agreed to: an estimated 32,000 pairs of binoculars of which 20,000 of them were of the high quality types used by officers. Records to show how long this trade continued or how much rubber the Germans received in return have long since vanished, have been misplaced, or kept classified. I was wondering if either one of you authors have heard about this. Please let me know-Colonel Robert A. Lynn, Florida Guard

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