Professor Carroll Quigley

A decade ago when we first took up the challenge of Professor Carroll Quigley from his seminal works, Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo American Establishment to look for evidence of the secret cabal [1] and how they grew into the Secret Elite we were stunned by the facts which had been ignored amazed by the ease with which important figures had been air-brushed from history and angered by the repetition of old lies about the causes and conduct of the First World War. Researchers are still denied access to records and official papers which remain under lock and key or have been burned or shredded. Yet, after many years of dogged research we have proved without doubt that the Secret Elite caused the war against Germany and, in conjunction with their associated international bankers and political allies in London and New York, deliberately prolonged the carnage beyond 1915. They were determined to break up forever the old empires which threatened the imperial power of Great Britain. Germany had to be destroyed. As the Romans had insisted that Carthage had to be destroyed to ensure the primacy of Rome, so the Secret Elite and their agents focussed their might on the destruction of Germany. For almost a century the myth that Germany deliberately started that war has been repeated like a mindless mantra.

Over the last few years there has been a noticeable move towards a softer approach, the most recent of which being Christopher Clark’s interpretation that Europe sleepwalked into war. [2] Not so. We cannot repeat too often, the hard fact that millions of men were sacrificed by evil profiteers and malignant power-brokers in a determined effort to bring about their new world order.

One of the many Oxford University pamphlets quickly produced to justify war.

Chapter by chapter we have produced clear evidence that the war was prolonged, deliberately and unnecessarily. This accusation was made repeatedly in the British parliament, in the French assembly and in contemporary reports. Such protestations were ignored, rejected or deemed groundless. The misery of the war in Europe, in the Dardanelles and Gallipoli, on the high seas and in the air, was justified by propaganda and lies, while those who suffered the deprivations and agony were sacrificed to a dark cause about which they knew nothing.

The United States, though posturing as a neutral, was essentially an active but secret ally for the British and French governments from the early days of the conflict. The money-power and the presidential minders who controlled U.S. foreign policy would never have allowed Germany to succeed. J.P. Morgan and his Rothschild backers, the Rockefellers, Kuhn Loeb and Warburgs made unprecedented profits on the back of the sheer hell of the trenches, and poverty and deprivation on the home front. Though Britain was assured of support from the Anglo-American banking fraternity from the first day of the war, it was no easy task to turn the average American citizen from isolation and a deeply entrenched anti-war sentiment to active involvement. The financial clout of the American banks, the munitions industries and the essential food producers unquestionably ensured an Allied victory, though, for most of the war the American people had no inkling of their government’s complicity.

Lies and deceit continued unabated. Cleverly staged propaganda justified the loss of civil liberty which was imposed by the British government. The Secret Elite have no respect for democracy. We live in a strange era of alternative fact and fake news, but do not imagine that this is some new invention. Hitherto much that was faked in history lay unquestioned.

President Wilson addressing Congress before the US Declaration of War

President Woodrow Wilson was re-elected in 1916 on the boast that “he kept America out of the war”. Barely three months after his second inauguration he completely reversed his policy and effectively ended any slim chance of Germany’s success. This is precisely how Elites have always worked. Lie to the people. Engage them in wars about which they know nothing and care nothing, but do not let them vote on the issue. Goodness me, NO. But wrap a war around a banner which claims Duty, Loyalty and promises to deliver a better Civilisation, and wars become popular. They remain popular as long as the price is acceptable to the powers that be. Should the war prove an unmanageable disaster, the elites do not pay. Politicians fall and are replaced. Profits are still made.

Given all that she was up against, Germany could never have won the First World War once the Kaiser’s armies had failed to take Paris in the first forty days of the war. Putting aside the military and logistical reasons, and there were many, American investment in the war became so complete that an Allied failure would have been an absolute disaster for the bankers and financiers, the holders of war bonds and the makers of munitions.

Should any doubt remain about the power, largely unelected power, exercised by the men identified at the end of the nineteenth century by Professor Quigley as Rhodes’s secret cabal, consider the following. By the year 1919, Cecil Rhodes and WT Stead were dead, but Rhodes’s fortune had been placed in the hands of Alfred Milner and his associates, and the press in Britain was dominated by the Secret Elite-approved, Lord Northcliffe. Natty Rothschild succumbed to ill health in 1915, but his successors, and in particular, his son Walter and nephew James de Rothschild had been thrust to the fore of an emerging force called Zionism. Above all, was Alfred Milner, Viscount and Oxford University alumni. The man who saved Rothschild’s gold and diamond mines in South Africa in the Boer War became the unelected permanent member of the War Cabinet under Lloyd George after 1916.

Viscount Lord Alfred Milner leading power behind the Secret Elite.Milner the mastermind; Milner the “Race Patriot”; Milner who commanded the loyalty of the senior ranks in the British Army; Milner who had given Lloyd George his support to lead the government; Milner whose acolytes controlled Lloyd George’s policy from their Downing Street offices; Milner, the man who personally bade farewell to the last Czar. A man so important to the creators of the new world order that his influence has been airbrushed from history. Had you previously heard of Alfred Milner? Was his name ever mentioned in the classroom or lecture hall when you were studying history? Has his place in all that happened been acknowledged by those who control the official commemorations for the First World War? No. It was he who had the steel to “disregard the screamers”, phrase he used in the 1890s to put steel into the resolve of wavering politicians. He urged his followers to hold out for the destruction of Germany.

That was the whole point of the First World War. Victory was not enough.

What too of the imposter, Herbert Hoover? The great American who appeared from the ether to rescue the poor and the starving, the stranded and the needy, provided someone paid. He was re-invented as a great humanitarian between 1914-1919, but his success was backed by the men who wanted to prolong the war. The Commission for Relief in Belgium was not his great achievement; nor was his role as Food Administrator for the American government.

Herbert Hoover as Head of the self-styled Belgian Relief Agency.

While the Germans will be remembered for the burning of Louvain, and its historic library in 1914, a crime against civilisation, they said, Hoover literally stole the history of Europe from before the war until 1919, and took it half way round the world to place it under lock and key. Ah, but he was a good-guy. He did it for posterity, did he not? Shame that the evidence, or what remains of it, has been condemned to eternal darkness; that all of his shipping and distribution papers have disappeared; that the entire narrative of Belgian Relief has been left exclusively to Hoover’s apologists. It is disgusting to admit that the secret papers concerning the causes of the war in Europe were exchanged by desperate men for food. That is the level to which the man who would be 31st President of the United States of America sank.

1. Carrol Quigley, The Anglo-American Establishment, p.15.
2. Christopher Clark, The Sleepwalkers, How Europe Went To War in 1914.